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lazysugar is one of the first diabetes mobile applications which put the patient first. Diabetes is a chronic disease which requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels so that the patient is able to adjust their medication and food intake accordingly.

Diabetics get lazy about their blood sugars

It is common for diabetic patients to gradually lose interest in pricking their fingers to draw blood, relying on feel and guesswork to manage their condition. This inevitability leads to frequent hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemic incidents, dangerous for the patient, especially when performing daily activities like driving or even walking on the street.

What if we made this fun?

What if an app could bring the patient's interest back in a game like setting, similar to a fitness tracker? With points, bonuses and rewards to continually encourage diabetics to come back in and punch in the next number.



Fun facts

  • In the first 3 weeks of usage, diabetics typically comment that they are using 3x more blood testing strips than normal, and that they need to go buy more!
  • When visiting their doctor, patients don't show their paper logbooks anymore, they just open lazysugar and show their readings
  • One diabetic managed to hit their daily target for all 365-days of a year, earning the special badge. We didn't think anyone would ever get this!

Fast check-ins

No taps required, just swipe and punch in glucose readings. For diabetics using mmol/L, don't even need to enter the decimal. lazysugar has algorithms to figure out what you're trying to do. Get in, get out.


High, or low? Reward the diabetic!

Highs and lows are unavoidable in the life of a diabetic. Everybody says it's bad, but lazysugar gives an incentive to return to normal.