British council myclass

Flexible class booking for the connected generation


The British Council provides English proficiency courses that are a global benchmark that have students becoming actively proficient in the language.

The space is fiercely competitive in Asian markets, especially in Hong Kong where tutors and services are highly sought after to further chances of academic success.

Why Choose the British Council?

A differentiator was needed for British Council to stand out, and this was myClass: A new way of flexible booking and scheduling that allowed both students and teachers to manage their time as they saw fit.

Instead of a fixed schedule of courses that a student would have to attend, a student could simply select the timeslots they could attend and show up, allowing flexibility in their academic or work schedules during the day. Reminders would be sent if a student was in danger of not reaching their course attendance. 

Connected Generation

Students of myClass had 100% rate of ownership of mobile devices and personal computers. It was decided that the myClass system would be an internet connected platform that would allow students to book what they wanted, when they wanted.

Overwhelming Response

Within the first month of the myClass application launch, it was already on track to become the most commercially successful product that British Council had in the region. Student's loved the ability to fix their own schedules, and also to view teachers and content that they found to their liking. The data collected from student bookings allowed British Council to optimise the teacher's availabilities and schedules, eliminating timeslots which were unpopular, and adding timeslots which were. Teachers were also able to improve their reputations amongst the students as feedback from the app about the class were immediate. 

Fun Facts

  • myClass is still the #1 product on British Council today, and has been rolled out to 8 countries in Southeast Asia
  • You can download the app on both the Google Play store and Apple App store, though you will need to be a student to book classes!
  • Mobile usage is 95% of all bookings, while the personal computer only accounted for the remainder. It is a clear indication that the computer will become unnecessary for most students in the coming years