Bacardi-martini asia-pacific

Real-time budgeting in Excel with OLAP at a fraction of the cost of SAP


Bacardi-Martini Asia-Pacific is a regional operation which spans China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries. Regional HQ is based in Hong Kong.

Bacardi-Martini was previously using Excel to do their budgeting and forecasting, which was a huge drain of manpower and time. 

As owners of both Oracle and SAP enterprise software, Bacardi-Martini explored the budgeting solutions from both vendors but found that the features did not match their expectations, and neither did the price tag.


Jedox was the solution Bacardi was looking for. Based on both Excel and web technology, Jedox is an in-memory OLAP platform that allows real-time budgeting and forecasting, eliminating the need for lengthy calculations typical in a traditional database solution.

Users are able to take their existing Excel budgeting templates and migrate them to Jedox in minimal time, without disrupting any existing workflows.


The entire project was delivered and completed in 3 months. The system is still in operation today, having been expanded to all countries in the APAC network.

Key Drivers

  • Improve Budget & forecasting cycle efficiencies by implementing standardized planning process, formula and report structure.
  • Improve data security and integrity using Jedox  Suite in the same platform and user access right per different role.
  • To enable flexible reporting tool for various stakeholders and provide simulation to run the P&L financials in both statutory and management reporting.
  • To provide flexible analysis tool to calculate key ratio, variance and cost calculation.


Planning Proposal for Bacardi-Martini Asia-Pacific.001.png