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Stonecutter's Bridge

The Structural Health Database Monitoring System (SHDMS) of Stonecutter's Bridge provides real-time as well as historical analysis of terabytes of sensor data. One of the first of its kind deployed anywhere in the world.

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British Council myClass

myClass is a mobile booking system that allows students to quickly book their own classes anywhere without needing to call in. With the success of its Hong Kong launch, myClass has been deployed to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

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lazysugar is a groundbreaking mobile application that encourages diabetics to check-in their blood sugars by making it fun! Available on the iOS App Store today.

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Bacardi-Martini needed a real-time budgeting system that allowed finance users to use existing Excel templates but also centralise their data in an OLAP database.

We delivered both.

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Hong Kong Link Road

The Structural Monitoring System (SMS) a second deployment of our structural health monitoring platform. To be launched in Q4 2018.

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Nokia Siemens Networks

The mobile networks that use NSN hardware generate 2.6 terabytes of raw data per day. Storing it is easy, analysing it quickly to provide meaningful analysis is harder. Find out how we managed to do both with commercial open source technologies, dramatically reducing costs.

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Getting it done since 2011

AdremWorks was founded on a simple promise to our customers: We get it done when no one else can.

From data warehouses, business intelligence to mobile applications and driving user engagement, we believe in providing end-to-end capabilities that are second to none.

Just ask our clients.