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Highly Scalable Cloud Deployments

AdremWorks helps clients navigate the multitude of cloud technologies to be able to stay ahead of the competition through high performing deployments and drastically reducing IT costs.

Our services have helped clients across Hong Kong, Taiwan and China provide whole new capabilities to their infrastructures, internal and external. 

AdremWorks in 2011 is a recognized Amazon Web Services Solution Provider, one of the first in the Greater China region.


High Performance through Cost Effectiveness
Orchestration is a new way of using the newcloud capabilities. Many companies today are struggling with how integrate, design and implement solutions on the cloud, and many cloud projects end up as simply being hosted elsewhere with a lower cost.

The premise of orchestration is to be able to design instances utilizing small blocks of computational power, such as hosting an enterprise application. These small blocks allow for a very low cost, usually a couple cents an hour, to provide services to your users or customers.

When increased demand or traffic reaches your systems, our orchestration processes will launch an increasing number of instances to scale up to meet demand. And when the demand peak is over, these instances will be turned off.

Client Successes
Large Global Distribution & Retailing Group
A large global distribution and retailing group adopted AWS to enhance and replace several existing IT services hosted in local offices or data centers.

Delivering responsive and high performance applications on a worldwide scale would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with multiple co-locations, bandwidth and computing capacity.

With AWS, costs are drastically reduced, end user experiences are dramatically increased and business processes are streamlined.

Global Online Language Learning
A global language online learning company was able to take advantage from migrating from Rackspace to AWS to benefit from lower costs, scalable services and infrastructure hardening.

New business opportunities can quickly be turned into new customers simply by using AWS to deliver the applications anywhere in the world that they are needed.

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Introduction to AWS

Orchestrating the Cloud

High Availability Websites


Cloud Benefits

Current Problems
Forecasting Demand
- Success can be a killer just as equally as failure. Slow and high-latency applications or websites can leave a huge negative impact on your target audience.

Heavy Investment for anticipated demand can be an expensive and risky gamble. Buying too many servers carries the same risk as buying too little, and anticipating these numbers is unrealistic.

Infrastructure Maintenance is a heavy recurring cost, which involves vendors, logistics, equipment and most importantly, time.


Benefits of the Cloud
Start Small and scale up when demand peaks, scale down when you don't need the resources. Pay for what you need. AWS provides flexible pricing and also reserved pricing to help keep costs in control.

Don't Buy Equipment - Fixed assets that depreciate look much better when defined as recurring services. The only fixed assets a company should have are the ones that appreciate over time!

Simplified & Reduced Billing - Cloud instances are a single payment with no hidden costs; bandwidth, power, cooling and office space are typically ignored - but when the costs are calculated, it is a cause for concern.

Be Green - Corporate responsibility extends to data centers and IT resources. Servers which run at 24x7 with idle capacity can create a large carbon footprint. Leveraging the AWS cloud not only reduces this footprint, but also allows your company to benefit from the of sharing reusable resources hosted by the best data center in the world.


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